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Measuring our Impact

Working together with our communities

Working together with our communities

Community Perception Survey
Every 2 years Intel Ireland conducts a community perception survey amongst members of our local community. This survey has been conducted by Intel Ireland since 1995 and aims to gauge the reach and success of Intel community activities, to determine sources of information relating to Intel, to identify any areas of concern for those in our locality and to determine current attitudes toward Intel.

This door to door survey is carried out in Leixlip, Celbridge and Maynooth by an independent consultant who choose a random selection of respondents with broad quotas in relation to sex and age. This data is presented to the Intel Management team to increase our awareness on attitudes towards Intel in the community and to inform future planning.

We would like to thank members of the community who have participated in the survey and supplied us with invaluable feedback, your contribution is greatly appreciated.  

Business in the Community Impact Map
In conjunction with Business in the Community Ireland, we regularly measure the impact that Intel Ireland and our employees are having on the communities where we live and work across Ireland. To view the map click here.

The Business Working Responsibly Mark

The Business Working Responsibly Mark

In 2011 Intel Ireland was one of the first four companies in Ireland to achieve the Business Working Responsibly mark which is Ireland’s only certification of responsible and sustainable business. The Mark is facilitated by Business in the Community Ireland which is the country’s only dedicated network for responsible business.

In 2013, Intel Ireland were among four companies to be re-accredited with the Mark which allows us to benchmark our sustainable policies against other companies and ultimately gain certification for high standards within this area.

The analysis brings a management framework and structure to a company’s responsible practices. In addition, the company’s responses must be externally verified by the National Standards Authority of Ireland in order to achieve the mark. The mark is valid for two years. Read more here.

Corporate Responsibility Report


Corporate Responsibility Report

At Intel we believe that corporate responsibility is simply good business. Our strategy is to ‘care for our people, care for the planet, and inspire the next generation’.

As we look to achieve our vision for this decade, we produce annually a Corporate Responsibility report which serves as a guide that covers our corporate responsibility performance each year, including our strategic approach to key environmental, social, and governance indicators.

Ireland specific report is available – click here to view.

Local Citizenship Newsletter
Intel Ireland produces a bi- annual Citizenship Newsletter which is delivered to almost 20,000 local homes providing updates on the latest news and information from Intel in Ireland. Click the links below to read the latest editions:

  Issue 1 2013

  Issue 2 2013

  Issue 1 2014

  Issue 2 2014



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